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First week of Raiding

by Nîghtstar (Kat), 76 days ago

Well after the first week of raiding, as a guild we have done very well :) we have downed many of the bosses 4/7 down now which we are very happy with, 

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Raiding Starts Soon

by Nîghtstar (Kat), 82 days ago

Raiding will be starting on the 21st of September :) our team is ready to raid :D, Tactics are being sorted out as we speak well type now, many of our members have watched videos on the first few bosses and we are going to be having a chat about what way we think is best to approach this before our raid begins on Wednesday

See you all there :D 


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Hello! :)

by Nîghtstar (Kat), 94 days ago

Hello, we are Serpents of the mist! We are a friendly raiding guild who helps all players in the guild get gear and learn tactics for a raid. All our members are friendly and experienced raiders and have been playing the game for many years now :). We are based on the Vek'nilash/Blade's Edge/Eonar Server. In the W.O.D expansion we did very well on progression as a guild and are aiming for higher in Legion, We will begin raiding as soon as possible (when it comes out) :D

Please take a look around the website, still needs work as its brand new :D 


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